Burial Grounds

The Parish Council owns and administers two cemeteries, one in Aston and one in
Swallownest which is a ‘Lawn Cemetery’, and all records/plans of graves and
cremated remains plots are held at the Parish Council Office.

The Aston Cemetery is situated off Worksop Road, Aston (adjacent Piper Lane) and
the newer Swallownest Cemetery is located off Alexandra Road, Swallownest.

Maintenance is carried out by a local Contractor with seasonal assistance from the
Parish Council’s Handypersons.

Burial and memorial approval fees are set by the Parish Council and are reviewed
annually by its General Purposes Committee.

Next of kin/families/owners can obtain information on a particular grave(s) from the
Parish Council Office and copies of entries in the registers can be obtained for a
small administration charge.

Interments at Aston Cemetery are into re-opened graves only due to lack of grave

Swallownest Cemetery ‘Lawn Cemetery’ is now the main Cemetery and the Parish
Council has purchased additional land for its future extension. A ‘Lawn Cemetery’
has specific regulations to enable easier maintenance (grass cutting). A copy of
these regulations is sent to all grave owners at the time of purchase along with the
Grant of Exclusive Rights Certificate.

Burial Grounds Fees and Regulations 2019