All 15 Parish Councillors sit on the Full Parish Council (Chairperson Cllr David Knowles) in addition all those 15 members sit on one or more of the committees as outlined below.


There are 3 main Committees with 8 members on each. 


The General Purposes Committee (Chairperson Cllr Mrs Pat Wade) takes on responsibility for 2 burial grounds; William Layne Reading Room; Parish Hall improvements and maintenance; grants to local organisations; activities for unwaged and OAP’s and items pertaining to general administration.

Mrs P Wade (Chairperson)

C Robinson (Vice Chairperson)

G Clough

G B Davis

D A Knowles

Mrs J E Peech
Mrs L Pitchley

Ms S Smith


The Recreation and Open Spaces Committee (Chairperson Cllr Alex Armitage) takes on responsibility for 6 recreation grounds/parks (including play areas and football pitches); bowling green; allotments and garage sites; provision for young people; plus bonfire; competitions; Christmas decorations and the floral displays across the Parish.

A A Armitage (Chairperson)

Mrs B A Bartholomew (Vice Chairperson)

A T Clough

Mrs P Davis

D H Gee
     D Knowles     

R P Taylor

M R Woodhouse


The Finance and Employment Committee (Chairperson Cllr Chris Robinson) is responsible for Parish Council finance including ongoing monitoring of expenditure and overview of Audit requirements, plus all employment related issues including pay, conditions of service and training etc.

C B Robinson (Chairperson)

M R Woodhouse   (Vice Chairperson)

Mrs B A Bartholomew

D Gee

D A Knowles

Mrs J E Peech
Mrs L Pitchley

Mrs P Wade



In addition to the 3 main Committees there is a Newsletter Editorial Group and the Parish Plan Steering Committee.